Tuesday, 8 November 2011

You, Me & Everyone We Know Market

Which was also a night market.
I had had the 28th of October marked in my mind, not only because it was my birthday, but also because it was the day of the night market. My birthday went off exceptionally well (with a gifted iPad) but the night market was postponed due to weather concerns. So, the 4th of November brought the night market and a very excited me. The market was hosted at the Labia and there were many exciting Capetonians in attendance, notably Barbara Lotter of Babette clothing who had a good stall there. The location was cramped but it was difficult to mind with the cool clothing stalls at every corner, the eclectic music pounding and stiff bodies swaying. With pounding music in mind I do feel terrible for all the movie goers who were hoping to see a quiet show at the Labia. Sorry. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and left the market happily, with a new (or used) polka dot blouse and heeled pink and white brogues in brown paper bag. I now promise to be a night market regular. Stolen pictures.