Sunday, 21 August 2011


NewZulaBar, LongStreet
Going ‘gigging’ (the act of going to gigs) is one of my favourite things to do with the boundless amount of time I have on my hands. When I saw TheArrows poster up in Rondebosch and heard the advertising on air, I knew I had to, had to see TheArrows. And I did. This Saturday was one of the very few times I have went out and seen a band perform live in Cape Town (It’s actually painfully sad that while living here I have not gone to any live performances). Going to see the Arrows on their only night in Cape Town was an absolutely amazing way to return to my favourite old past time. The two (wo)man band made up of Pam on vocals and keyboard, Christie on drums and Apple Mac computer  had me and my feeble heart jumping enthusiastically for the entire duration of their set.  NewZulaBar is an awesome event space to start off with and then the performance in that space was cosmic! The band and their laptop were so energetic, Pam was constantly engaging with the crowd talking to us, doing comic dances (or normal dances) and generally having fun around the assorted Capetonians who met to watch. TheArrows being a two person band is unusual but it worked perfectly well and better, in the bands own words, “two is the new four”. There was a time when a third person, the delicious Mark (bass for the DirtySkirts), joined TheArrows on stage and that kept the atmosphere elevated. Pam had on a beautiful sparkly blue blouse which I would very much like to own. I had so much fun, it was an experience almost individual to Cape Town and I hope that in the years to come I do , feel and act more and better than what I did last night.

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